Contemplating Selling Your Home?

Christy Crouch|August 25, 2022

If you're thinking of selling your home rest assured it's still a great time here in Roanoke, Virginia and surrounding locations including Blacksburg, VA, Christiansburg, VA, Smith Mountain Lake and areas in between.  Our local housing market is still extremely strong despite the housing market cooling off in many larger metropolitan areas.  While we are seeing fewer competing offers, we are still getting competing offers.  We sold one house last weekend in Roanoke City and it had 5 competing offers within two days of coming on the market.  We still have an extreme shortage of homes for sale across the area and that makes for a great time to sell.  

But where will you go if you sell your home?  That's a great question and you can always negotiate an extended closing date or a possession by seller agreement allowing you to remain in the home after closing for a specified time frame.  You can also sell your home contingent upon you finding suitable housing which protects you from selling yourself out of your home.

We've been diligently working to create more value for our potential sellers as the market does begin to shift.  We've created a list of things to do to get your home ready for the market:

1.  Remove all screens from front windows and watch your curb appeal instantly brighten!

2.  Trim all bushes below window height and away from walkways, porches, and decks

3.  Add a fresh layer of mulch and some bright flowers if you don't have mulch beds put a couple pots on the front porch with bright welcoming flowers

4.  Power wash decks, walkways, and the exterior of home if necessary

5.  Clean up any debris in yard including leaves, sticks, toys, etc

6.  Make sure there is no chipping or peeling paint on the outside if there is scrape and paint it

7.  Declutter, organize, and freshen up the entire inside including closets, pantries, cabinets, and the garage

8.  If you have dated wallpaper, paint, or carpet remove it, paint it, replace it

9.  If you have dated curtains, drapes, or toppers remove them

10.  Remove everything from the front of your refrigerator

11.  Make sure all light bulbs work and are bright

12.  Replace all air filters and clean the grate if it's dirty

13.  If not replacing and needed shampoo the carpets

14.  If necessary paint inside to neutralize the decor and brighten up

15.  Make sure everything is safe, operating, structurally sound, free and clear of any leaks and hazardous materials

16.  Clean and have kitchens, baths, and floors sparkling

17.  Take a walk around and through your home and imagine it through the eyes of a potential buyer and do what you know needs to be done

Stay tuned on how to prepare for the professional photo shoot and for showings in our next blog.  And in the meantime if you have any questions or we can be of help with the sale of your home be sure to reach out.

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